Year 11 Alumni

Linea Awala

I was born in Windhoek. March 9. My favorite color is purple. My friends would describe me as helpful. Especially in Maths. I learn a lot at MYO so people ask me to help them at regular school. MYO has helped me. I do a lot of sports. Tennis volleyball. Every Wednesday after MYO I take tennis. Every time I learn something new I change my mind about what I want to be when I grow. At first I wanted to be a teacher but then I also experienced tennis and wanted to be a tennis player. Now I like basketball. So I want to do different kinds of sports. Although I’m not an awesome dancer I describe myself as an intelligent smart girl. I like to have fun, that’s how I make friends.
My motto: I want t say young kids should have fun and not too much fun and enjoy your life because growing up brings a lot of responsibilities and challenges.

Ylenia Basson

I was born in Khorixas. I learned to make more friends at MYO. We have learned to have high self esteem at MYO.
My friends would describe me as talkative and smart.
I want to be a doctor when I grow up. Most of my family members are doctors. My mother is a dentist in Windhoek and grandmother is a gynecologist. My favorite artist is Zahara. She is South African. She sings in another language and I copy her. I like singing.
My motto: Never give up!

Leticia Erikki (Benediction Scholar)

My name is Leticia and I was born Luederitz. There are a lot of dunes there.
I live with my mom, dad and brother.
When I grow up I want to be a teacher because I want to teach children. Some kids in Namibia don’t have schools and I want to make everyone’s life better.
My favorite colour is pink. My favorite artist is Justin Beiber. I like eating chocolate I am smart girl and brave. I trust in myself a lot! My friends would say I am an honest person and soft hearted.
My motto: Tell everyone to study hard and we don’t want boys as president anymore, we want girls to be leaders of our country!

Albertina Frans

My name is Albertina and I already know exactly what to do in the future. I want to open an own business and I want to be self employed. It’s not only about money, but about the independence I will have then. MYO helps me to let my dream come true one day, because I learn very much there and so I get better in school. I like reading and writing the most. But Life Skills is very interesting, too. We have so many different topics there, that it never gets boring. Another good thing is, that we always speak English at MYO, and so we get better in that language. And if I really want to become successful, I will have to speak English fluent. When I open that business then, I can employ people and that will be my way to fight against poverty. That’s what I always wanted, because equality between everyone is my greatest wish.

Vinolia Geibes (Benediction Scholar)

Hi my name is Vinolia. I was born in Windhoek. MYO changed my life, It has taught me to strive to be the best learner in social studies and Afrikaans, my favorite language. I like the way I smile. and the way I talk to people and the way I help people. I like dancing, singing and modeling. My favorite colors are purple and pink and lime green. My friends would describe me as chubby and straightforward and helpful and friendly. I want to be a model or artist. A singer or an actor. I like watching the actor acting on television and I think this would be an interesting career.
My motto: You should play with this life and go with what you have. You are given an opportunity, go for it.

Otilie Haiduwa

Hi, I am Ottilie. I am a very funny and friendly person. In my free time I like to read books about the world. I want to work in the accounting business when I am older. I would like to fly to Germany one day, because Germans inspire me a lot. I like their language and their good education. Namibian culture is unique, it is always fun to dance with us. I like the library at MYO, because I can borrow books there all the time. I got much better in maths here. If I had one wish free, I would wish for everybody to be equal, so that people do no longer discriminate each other.

Moritha Haksteen

Hi my name is Moritha. I was born in Swakopmund. I want to be a lawyer. because I ask a lot of questions from my mom. I like to find out a lot of things. I am an avid reader. My favorite artist is Rihanna. My favorite song is Man Down
I would describe myself as a cool mysterious person. I like to read mystery books. I try to work out what happens next and usually guess it. I live with my mother and two brothers and my step father.
My motto: I would like to tell teenage girls not to get pregnant before they are fully matured and follow the teachers advice.

Naumpa Hanghome (Benediction Scholar)

Hi my name is Naumpa. The ‘u’ in my name is silent…and it means the only girl between boys! I was born in Swakopmund. I live with my mom, grandma, cousin and step brothers. I have a half sister. My other brother lives with his father. When I grow up I want to be a doctor. Because I watch a lot of doctors on television and it inspires me. I know a lot of things about the human body. My friends would say I’m funny, have a nice singing voice and I’m kind and all that stuff. And I’m also a bit naughty.
My motto: If you read this please take my advice and study try hard to pass your exams and go to college. Live a happy life and work hard!

Carmen !Haoses (Benediction Scholar)

Hi, my name is Carmen. I was born in Walvis Bay. MYO has improved my maths as well as English. It has grown my love for music. I’m a spontaneous person. Well, I love making jokes and I make friends easily. My friends would describe me as a funny, crazy girl. I’m like the clown (not class clown)
I’m a go getter, I don’t quit!
I want to travel. I want to travel everywhere. I find it interesting to see and meet new people. I don’t know yet what I want to be when I grow up.
My motto: Never give up!

Nestor Iyambo

Hello, my name is Nestor. I am very honest and friendly. I like to watch soccer games, but I am also a very good player myself. I would love to fly with an airplane, that is why I want to be an aircraft engineer one day. Then I would fly to Brasil, where I would try to see all the famous soccer players. Namibians are very friendly. I like the way the teachers at MYO teach us very much, because of them my English vocabulary got very much better.

Laimi Jacob

Hi, I am Laimi and I like reading story books, playing soccer and meeting new people from other countries to get to know other cultures. I like MYO a lot because people here can help me if I don’t understand something in school. Furthermore, everyone is very friendly and I am rather here than spending time at home! I also improved in Maths and English as well as computers. I also love learning instruments at MYO! If I had a wish to come true, it would be equality for women and the elimination of violence. Later I would like to go to Germany because I like the language and would like to learn it. However, I also like Namibia because there are not so many people and it is not very crowded but I still think the education system should be better.

Metumo Ndjulu

Hi my name is Metumo Ndjulu. If you say my name fast, it’s like a tongue twister! I was born in Windhoek. I live with my mother, my two brothers. One is younger and one is older. My two half brother and sisters are in Windhoek with my father. I also live with my aunt, cousin and uncle. When I grow up I want to be a doctor, nurse and a dentist. The reason I want to be a dentist is because I visit the dentist the most. Most people say there are not many dentists in town so I will be a help. My favorite color is blue and pink. I like to eat lasagna and pizza is the BEST and I like to drink coke! I like my smile, my natural hair, that I’m beautiful and short! My friends would say I make them laugh and I’m the shortest girl in class and I’m generous.
My motto: Be smart, not like me, I’m too naughty

Ester Niilenge

Hi my name is Ester Niilenge and I was born in Swakopmund. I live with my parents, three sisters and two brothers. I want to be a doctor when I grow up to help people who are sick. I like to play the recorder, read and write. I love Franklin the turtle books. My favorite color is purple. My friends would say that I am quiet. I like the lessons at MYO, especially music. It is my favorite subject.
My motto: Books before boys because boys bring babies.

Gledwin Ochurub

Hello, my name is Gledwin. When I grow up, I would like to become a doctor because I like helping people and I think I am tough enough to do that job. My hobbies are reading and anything else I can do with my friends. I smile a lot and I am always happy. Also, I am strong enough to make my dreams come true. MYO has helped me in many ways, for example in reading classes because I am helped with vocabulary and my reading skills. I would later like to go to America for holiday because I heard it is a nice place!

Lea Sheepo

Hi my name is Lea Sheepo. I was born in Swakopmund. I live with my father, stepmother, two brothers and one sister. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I like that I have dignity and high self esteem. My friends would say that I’m helpful and love them for who they are not what they have or can do. I like everything about MYO especially the way they treat us with respect and are kind to us. I am happiest when I’m at Church, MYO and just being next to my mom. It makes me sad when I fight with my brothers. It’s really emotional because I love my brothers.
My Motto: Love me for who I am, not what I have.

Salmi Shithindi

Hi I’m Salmi. I was born in Swakopmund. I live with my mother two brothers and one sisters.
I want to become a marine biologist like my mom. She’s going to the Indian Ocean on Tuesday to look at samples of fish. I like drawing fish. My favorite fish is horse mackerel. It’s long in length. It tastes good. It’s available anywhere. I want to be a marine biologist too. I like reading about fish. My favorite thing to do is dance. My friends would say I’m funny, making jokes with them. I’m a willing person and honest. I like my skin color!
I like MYO because it helps me a lot in my school work.
Dancing is in my blood. My mother and father found each other like that at a party. My sister and brother taught me.
My Mottos: Never give up!
And don’t think if somebody has a lot makes the thing that you have not enough.

Valencia Shipapo

I was born in Rundu in the Kavango region of Namibia. I speak 4 languages. English, Afrikaans, Rukwangali and Rusambyu. I love the teachers at MYO because they are kind. (they don’t scream at the learners like the other teachers do at regular school.) I like natural science. I want to be a doctor and help people in the community. I am short, short tempered but I’m kind. I like sharing. If other kids didn’t get enough food, I like sharing mine.
My motto: You are not fully dressed until you have adorned yourself with a smile (printed in my diary at the bottom)

Desmond Somseb (Benediction Scholar)

Hey, my name is Desmond. I am a very talkative, helpful and kind person. My best quality is my reliability. I want to be psychologist one day. Michael Jackson used to be my idol but now that he is dead it is my grandmother, because she is working so hard just to raise me. I would love to fly to Aegypt one day, to see the big temples and pyramids. Namibians are great people who have lots of creativity. What I like most about MYO is the good education they give us and the sport lessons. I improved my reading and my social skills here. I wish for a better world where everybody has equal opportunities.

Merceline Tsuses (Benediction Scholar)

Hi my name is Marceline Tsuses and I was born in Swakopmund. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. My mom is a nurse and has inspired me to be a doctor. I am smart, intelligent and short. My friends say that I am funny and that I like to make jokes. My favorite movie is Wrong Turn and my favorite color is turquoise.
My motto: Never give up!

Janice Van Rooy (Benediction Scholar)

My name is Janice. I was born Swakopmund. I have a big family. I live with my mother and little sister. My brother comes from Arandis on holidays from high school. I’d like to become a musician and travel the world. I want to see Spain because I love the language also Cuba. I play harmonica and recorder. I will start playing violin soon. My brother plays guitar and my aunt plays trumpet and my uncle is a choir conductor. Helping people makes me happy. I thought of building a home for homeless children when I grow up. I get sad when I see children in the streets without a home and when I see children who are suffering. My friends would say I am serious but also funny but not the class clown and, hopefully they see me as a role model. I would describe myself as funny, smart and I like to share.
My motto: If a person like likes reading to keep going, because readers are leaders!