Year 7 Learners

Tuwilika Alweendo

Hello, I am Tuwilika. In my free time I love to play games and jump the rope. I am a really good reader and my friends say that I am clever and funny. I would like to be a teacher one day. MYO helpes me to learn better and also to improve my English. I also love the clean area there.

Prudence Boois

I am Prudence. I like to listen to music, sing and watch TV when I am not at school. I am a good singer and my friends think I am smart and intelligent. My father is my inspiration because he shares all his secrets with me and is very smart. I want to be an Africans teacher one day, because it is fun. MYO helped me to get better in maths. I like that I can always meet my best friend there.

Rodrick Goseb

Hello, my name is Rodrick. When I do not study I like to read books and cartoons. I am a really good learner and also reader. My stepfather is my idol because he is very strong. As an adult I would like to work as a police officer. I like all the subjects they teach us at MYO. If I had one wish free I would wish for a car so I can travel to my family.

Saviour Gregorius

Hello, I am Saviour. My hobby is to play relay, that is a running game. My friends say I am very clever. I like all the tasty food they give us at MYO and I was also able to improve my English and maths skills. I would like to have a car so I can go everywhere I want to go to.

Uanee Miranda

I am Uanee. My hobby is to read books. I want to work as an engineer, because you have several places that you work at. I love the drum classes at MYO and I improved my maths skills here. I hope my future is going to be good.

Hafeni Hanghome

I am Hafeni. I like to read books, to play soccer or playstation. I am really good at running. My friends really like me because when they do not have food I give them some of mine. My idol is Messi because he is a good soccer player. I would like to be a soccerplayer, too, but also a doctor. I like all the teachers at MYO and I am happy that they help me with my homework. I hope that I will be a great soccerplayer one day and that I will play for Manchester City.

Anna Hashoonga

Hey, I am Anna. I like to read books, for example Junie B Jones. I am really good at maths and my friends say I am cool. I would like to work as an actress when I am an adult. I like MYO because of the computer and the soccer classes, because of MYO I got better in Maths and English.

Francky Jaime

I am Francky. I like to watch TV and sleep when I am not busy with homework. My friends think I am cool and smart. When I am older I would like to be a soccerplayer. I like MYO because they teach me Mathematics and English. I also like the lifeskills lessons.

Benhard Muukua

Hello, I am Bernard. I am a really great goal keeper. I would like to be a doctor. MYO is much fun, but we also learn a lot there. I can speak better English now. If I had one wish free, I would wish that there will be no wars in the world anymore.

Tamalyah Nembungu

I am Tamaylah. I like to study and to clean the house. My friends say that I am very clever and I am good at maths. I want to become a teacher, so I can help people when they are sick. I like almost all the classes we have at MYO, especially sports, computers and lifeskills. I got better in English. I dream of living in a bigger house where I have my own room.

Mesthlide Shipapo