We believe in partnering with diverse organizations to achieve our common goal of empowering the youth. In today’s interconnected world, organisations are increasingly recognizing the value of partnerships to maximize their impact. At Mondesa Youth Opportunities, we embrace this ethos by forging strategic alliances with diverse organizations, working collectively towards a shared mission. By pooling our resources, expertise, and networks, we create sustainable solutions. Cooperation lies at the heart of our approach to creating positive change and empowering the youth of Mondesa. By partnering with a range of organisations, including non-profits, educational institutions, and businesses, we leverage the unique strengths and expertise of each entity to address the multifaceted challenges faced by the youth in our community.

Join us in creating a brighter future through collaboration at Mondesa Youth Opportunities.

Rotary International

Mondesa Youth Opportunities is proud to be a Rotary Project, benefitting from the vast network and support of Rotarians from all corners of the world. Rotary, with its global network of 1.4 million members, shares a vision of a united world where people come together and take action. Through Rotary, we strive to create lasting change on a global scale, within our communities, and within ourselves.

Mondesa Youth Opportunities is fortunate to have the support of Rotarians who have generously contributed their time, resources, and expertise in various areas. This support has played a vital role in advancing our mission and empowering the youth in our community. It is through this collective commitment that we can make a significant difference in the lives of young people, creating opportunities for their growth, development, and success.

We are grateful for the support and partnership of Rotary and its members, and we remain dedicated to working hand in hand with the Rotary network to bring about sustainable change and create a better future for the youth we serve. more

Little House of Hope

Mondesa Youth Opportunities joined forces with Little House of Hope, a German organization operating an Early Learning Centre, in 2014. This partnership has proven to be a successful and rewarding collaboration. Together, we have formed a powerful alliance in the field of education, creating a strong centre for childhood development, educational excellence, and progress.

By sharing the same grounds, MYO and Little House of Hope have established a strong and active centre for nurturing children’s growth in an underprivileged area. This community greatly benefits from the maximum support we provide.

Our collaboration has yielded remarkable outcomes, such as improved access to education, enriched learning environments, and enhanced educational resources. By combining our expertise, resources, and unwavering commitment, MYO and Little House of Hope have become a formidable force, driving positive change in the area. more

Save the Rhino Trust

Mondesa Youth Opportunities has established a valuable partnership with Save the Rhino Trust (SRT). Since the early 1980’s, SRT has been at the forefront of innovative conservation efforts for the free-ranging black rhino population in northwest Namibia. Their mission is to secure a future for Namibia’s black rhinos by implementing initiatives that enhance the value people place on their preservation.

Building on their longstanding collaboration and shared commitment to spreading a positive message about rhino conservation to Namibia’s children, MYO and SRT co-founded and developed the Reading with Rhinos project between 2019 and 2021. This project aims to foster stronger emotional connections between people and rhinos by showcasing the positive influence these magnificent creatures have on the lives of Namibian children. The Reading with Rhinos project focuses on creating new opportunities that promote literacy skills and cultivate a love for reading among children. By highlighting the positive impact of rhinos, the project seeks to deepen the appreciation and understanding of these animals while empowering Namibian youth.

This collaboration between MYO and SRT underscores our shared vision of environmental conservation and education. Through joint efforts, we are working to inspire a sense of stewardship among the younger generation and equipping them with the necessary skills to contribute to rhino conservation and literacy development in Namibia. more