Little House of Hope – Early Learning Center

In 2014, MYO was fortunate to be introduced to a German Foundation called “Little House of Hope”. The foundation was founded in 2007 in response to the perception of abject poverty and great misery of children in Namibia with the aim of dedicating itself to early childhood development. Just like MYO, Little House of Hope is convinced that real progress in Namibia can only be achieved if the children receive a good education and can grow into self-confident, independent personalities in their country.

Little House of Hope is independent from MYO, but MYO assists with their mission by providing management support and space on our campus. By having MYO and  the foundation on the same premises, it is possible to offer a coherent educational program. The Little House of Hope preschool program “ELC – Early Learning Center” currently includes four morning groups of 24 children each and an afternoon care program for about 50 school children from grades 1 to 3.

Detailed information on the foundation “Little House of Hope”

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