What We Do and Why

MYO endeavors to overcome the failings of the Namibian public education system by providing education subsidy to select students who show promise. While we provide the qualified teachers and the opportunity, the learners must demonstrate their commitment by showing up every day for extra training in Math, Reading, English, Life Skills, and Music. There is no charge to the family for our services, but attendance is mandatory. We maintain discipline in the classroom and encourage our learners to develop leadership skills in addition to academic excellence.

We are an intensive after-school education program, beginning at Grade 4 and continuing through the end of Grade 8. After a lunch, our lessons begin and continue for 3 hours each afternoon, resulting in each learner receiving approximately 500 hours of professionally facilitated academic and life skills training each school year. We also place a heavy emphasis on reading and comprehension; a neglected skill which is the cause of many academic failures. Each class is given two field trips per year, so that the joys and lessons of wider Namibia are experienced. We have approximately 120 pupils.

Where We Are Situated:

Mondesa, a struggling township community is the home of approximately 25,000 people, the vast majority of whom live in poverty. A new township community, the DRC (Democratic Resettlement Community) has developed near the Mondesa township and this is where new residents to the township first settle. This area is characterized by wooden and cardboard shacks with no electricity or running water services.

We are here to supplement over-crowded and under-funded schools. We strive to deliver a well-rounded education and cultivate positive thinking and self-esteem in our young learners.