Mondesa Youth Opportunities

We are serious about education!

We’re Addressing The Problem

Mondesa Youth Opportunities is a non-profit trust which offers intensive education intervention for students from underprivileged schools who show ability and promise.

Schools in Namibia are overcrowded, under-funded and many times without strong leadership.

Large classes are burdened with repeat failures who demand negative attention and learners with ability are lost within the system.

Our aim is to develop leadership skills and to teach our learners to be good citizens of the future.

Learn more about Mondea Youth Opportunities in our new video.

Mondea Youth Opportunities 2020 video! See the good work we are doing with the students from Mondesa. Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the years.

Every Donation Helps

Mondesa Youth Opportunities is a registered trust in Namibia and we rely exclusively on donations from individuals or businesses to sustain our operations.

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