Mondesa Youth Opportunities

We are serious about education!

We’re Addressing The Problem

There is a crisis in education in Namibia and too many young learners fail their first major exams, and leave school with no academic qualifications. MYO is a non-profit Trust which offers free intensive education intervention for students from underprivileged schools who show ability and promise. While we focus largely on academics (English, Maths, and Reading), we also strive to educate the ‘Whole Child’  by also offering Music, Computer Skills Training and a robust Life Skills course to help our young learners navigate the difficulties of an impoverished community. Our aim is to develop leadership skills and to teach our learners to be good citizens of the future.

While the education system in Namibia fails many promising young learners, Mondesa Youth Opportunities Trust is addressing this problem in Swakopmund. We invite scholars who show leadership and scholastic skills at their schools in the underprivileged area around Mondesa, to attend our afternoon school, free of charge. After a nourishing lunch, we give them extra Maths and English, teach Reading, Life Skills and Music; we also have an excellent computer centre dedicated to teaching them skills they will need in their further studies and work-places. Because we are a small school of 120 scholars we are able to stay focused and dedicated to our purpose.

Every Donation Helps

Mondesa Youth Opportunities is a registered trust in Namibia and we rely exclusively on donations from individuals or businesses to sustain our operations.

MYO operates extremely lean and with complete transparency. We post our P&L on this site and you will see that approximately 98% of our expenditures are spent right at our school on goods and services that directly serve our core mission. We do not reimburse overseas board members for trips and we do not pay for professional services out of donated funds except for our bookkeeping services in Namibia, which is a requirement to maintain our trust status in the country.

Please consider a recurring donation in a monthly amount that is sustainable so we can continue to offer our services to these disadvantaged youth who deserve the opportunities that only a quality basic education can provide.

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In Return

We ask our students for their commitment, hard work, and good attitudes. Generous, supportive donors pay for their healthy lunches and our teacher salaries. Together, we work at producing future citizens who will be positive and productive Namibians, with solid academic abilities.

Our Goal

We take educating our young learners seriously and since 2004 have been providing exceptional education and life skills intervention to impoverished students in Mondesa—preparing them for further study and eventually to be the leaders of their country.

Please take a journey through MYO with us by watching this YouTube short film, and let MYO come alive for you.

10-Year Anniversary

In 2014, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary. Please have a look back at some of our special moments and memories from those early years.