MYO Alumni Program

As the students approach their final grade 11 examinations, the academic workload at their respective high schools increases, and mandatory afternoon classes are introduced in a final attempt to cover the syllabus effectively. Therefore afternoon attendance at MYO is no longer possible so students leave MYO after completing grade 8. Although they are no longer actively engaged in our daily activities, we encourage our alumni to stay connected. We offer all MYO alumni free access to our library, where dedicated computers are available for their homework and research needs.

Furthermore, we have initiated a formal alumni program that invites former MYO students to monthly workshops facilitated by a life skills coach. These workshops, lasting 90 minutes, focus on self-improvement and encompass various aspects such as enhancing self-confidence, motivation, and communication skills. Additionally, we provide guidance and mentorship in relation to career opportunities, study tips, and future planning.

In conjunction with this program, we embrace the philosophy of “Once an MYO learner, always an MYO learner!”