MYO Alumni Program

Due to the increasing study load at their respective High Schools, learners leave MYO when they have completed grade 8. Though they are no longerĀ  involved in ourĀ  daily programming, we encourage our alumni to remain in touch. We offer all MYO alumni free use of our library and we dedicate computers for them to use for their homework and research.

We have also started a formal alumni program where former MYO students are invited once a month, for 90 minutes, to participate in workshops conducted by a life skills coach. The alumni are split into two groups : grade 9 and 10 forms Group One, grades 11 and 12 form Group Two. Our goals are to make sure that all of our former students have access to the resources they need to make good choices about their future. Growing up in an impoverished environment, many of our students do not have mentors and role models whom they can turn to for assistance. MYO endeavors to fulfill that role for our former learners.

In conjunction with this program, we have embraced the concept “Once an MYO kid, always an MYO kid!”

How We Are Helping

It has been identified that learners of both groups are looking for guidance and mentoring regarding self-improvement; in particular increasing self-assurance and motivation as well as communication skills within groups. Group Two also showed a keen interest in career guidance, study tips and future planning. All learners stated that they missed MYO and the secure structure they had become accustomed to while attending our program. Battling to establish an equally organised and strong structure for themselves, they welcomed the opportunity of further improving their life skills via this alumni program at MYO.

MYO is now actively engaged in helping many of our former students with university and technical college admission and tuition.