Professional Staff

Babs Oosthuizen

After a lifetime of being an Educator, MYO is the cherry on top of the cake. Babs originates from Tsumeb, Otjiwarongo and lastly Grootfontein, where she retired as principal of Wilhelm Nortier Primary School. After working for The Rossing Foundation for 8 years as an Education Officer, she decided to become involved at MYO and became the schools. She has never regretted making that decision.
“At MYO we are one HAPPY family, taking care of each other and most importantly, having the blessing of working with lovely appreciative youngsters. We always strive to put MYO first and the needs of the learners are the most important. We cherish our opportunities to touch the  lives of these MYO learners. We don’t let a chance go by to add positively to every learner who attends MYO.”

Tracy Nuses

Tracy Nuses, an original Swakopmunder, began her work for MYO in September 2016 as the Personal Assistant to the manager. She studied Office Administration and Secreterial at IUM in 2013. She loves playing the Recorder during her free time. During school holidays she works in Okahandja where she runs a curious shop.

Frans Ndjahera

Frans is our Computer teacher and originally from Omaruru, Namibia where he also started school. He completed Grade 12 at Okakarara Secondary School. Frans studied at the IT Department at CTC in Omaruru to become a tutor. He joined MYO in February 2013 and besides teaching our learners in computer, he also is responsible for maintaining our computer lab and assists with some IT work in the office or library. He also helps us driving the learners from and to schools and field trips.

Mr Khoeseb

Mr Khoeseb is the Mathematics teacher at MYO with 38 years of mainstream teaching experience. Teaching is more than a mere job for Mr Khoeseb. It is his passion. He is able to teach strong, basic mathematic principles providing solid foundations to the learners.

Joel Nambuli

Joel is a talented musician and shares his skills with the MYO learners, teaching them to play marimbas, drums and harmonica. His music delights everyone who visits and enhances all of our functions.

Jerome Cloete

Jerome is a talented musician skilled at teaching recorders, guitar, piano, singing and music theory. He is an accomplished flautist and is invaluable to MYO and the learners he teaches. He joined MYO in 2012 and worked for the APC in Tsumeb for a few months before returning to MYO in August 2016.

Moses Kaluvango

Moses (grounds maintenance) has been with MYO since 2008. One of the first things our guests notice on their visits to our facilities is the beautifully maintained garden and grounds. Moses takes great pride in his work and you will often find him tidying the premises and pruning flowers while humming a tune.

Welerie Guriras

Welerie (cook & housekeeper) has been responsible for keeping our learners well nourished with her delicious lunches since June 2009. It is also Welerie who does an excellent job of keeping our facilities clean. She has a positive outlook to everything – and she makes an excellent split pea soup!


Heinrich is our steady and reliable combi driver. He takes his work very seriously and helps us in many different ways.

Volunteer Staff

Hanna Pohlmann

Hanna Pohlmann works at MYO as part of a one-year voluntary service from September 2016 until September 2017. She assists in music lessons and helps the young learners with their homework. Furthermore she helps with any work which has to be done. Hanna has many ideas for new projects during her voluntary service and will try to realize them.

Till Spieler

Till Spieler ist 18 years old and works at MYO as volunteer of the German Red Cross Society until September 2017. He would like to learn more about himself, different cultures and lifestyle as well as gaining important experiences. He does a lot of sports and has a special connection to music. Because of that he is the sports teacher and also helps Mr. Joel during the Marimba – lessons. Singing and playing the piano brings him lots of joy and happiness.

Leon Reimann

Leon Reimann was born in Swakopmund while his parents moved back to Germany when he was only four years old. He went to school in Wiesbaden and passed his A Levels. During his gap year he wants to live and work abroad for six months and he is very happy to be able to support a project in his place of birth, Swakopmund.
When he heard about MYO he knew this was a project where he wanted to work because in school and at home he learned that education can be the key to a better future. He wants to share his knowledge of Music, Sports, education and his technical know-how with the children in Mondesa to help them live a better life in the future.


Every Donation Helps

Mondesa Youth Opportunities is a registered trust in Namibia and an IRS 501(c)3 approved non-profit in the United States. MYO relies exclusively on donations from individuals or businesses to sustain our operations.

MYO operates extremely lean and with complete transparency. We post our P&L on this site and you will see that approximately 98% of our expenditures are spent right at our school on goods and services that directly serve our core mission. We do not reimburse overseas board members for trips and we do not pay for professional services out of donated funds except for our bookkeeping services in Namibia, which is a requirement to maintain our trust status in the country.

Please consider a recurring donation in a monthly amount that is sustainable so we can continue to offer our services to these disadvantaged youth who deserve the opportunities that only a quality basic education can provide.

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