MYO Funding

MYO uses volunteer labor for all executive and supervisory roles not directly associated with daily operations. The result is that ~98%+ of all donations are used for good and services that directly apply to our core mission of educating the learners in our program. So your donations are NOT used for airline tickets or salaries for board members or any other expenses that are not directly related to educating our students.

How You Are Making A Difference

MYO spends approximately $130,000USD annually. This money is spent primarily on salaries for our qualified teachers, food for the students, facility costs including maintenance and food & housing for volunteer teachers. MYO averages approximately 120 students in grades 4 – 8 and each learner receives around 500 hours of professional, actively facilitated education every year. We also have an average of 75 pre-school learners that come to the MYO facility each day for pre-school educational activities. These children are part of the Little House of Hope Program, which MYO supports by offering space and management assistance

Our funding and operations model equates to approximately $1,000USD per year for each learner for the 500 hours of instruction and tangential benefits (food, library, access to computers, security, and social intervention). By any measure, these metrics make MYO an exceptional value in social return for investment.