MYO Funding

MYO is a non-profit, registered Namibian Trust that operates entirely on donations. Our students do not pay to attend MYO. They are chosen because they are high performers whose parents cannot afford to support the quality of schooling they need.

Each learner costs us approximately US$ 1,000/€ 900/NAD 14,000 per annum.

Our costs each year include:

  • Salaries for the teachers and support staff US$ 84,000/€ 75,265
  • Utilities and facility upkeep US$ 13,500/€ 12,100
  • Lunch for students  US$ 9,000/€ 8,065
  • Transport for students  US$ 6,000/€ 5,375
  • Textbooks, workbooks, writing utensils, etc. US$ 2,500/€ 2,240
  • Total US$ 115,000/€ 103,045