Volunteer Background

Mondesa Youth Opportunities is an after-school program located in the township of Mondesa, just outside of Swakopmund, on the Western coast of Namibia. Formed in 2003, MYO uses a combination of academics, sport, music, and extra-curricular activity to combat the effects of an impoverished environment. MYO has a culture of implementing thoughtful, well-designed programs with excellence, passion and commitment. We have an exceptional staff comprised of Namibian and foreign volunteers, and daily management is overseen by two Namibian Board Members.

Our students range from grade 4 to grade 8. All classes and activities are taught in English.


The primary mission of MYO is to facilitate education as a means of combating the eroding effects of poverty. We believe that the most important building blocks to develop healthy, positive, enthusiastic youth are firmly rooted in quality basic education. To that end, MYO students receive additional Math, English, Music, Life-skills and Reading classes every week.

Volunteer Role:

MYO occasionally brings on volunteer teachers for a minimum of a one-year commitment. The ideal volunteer will have a college education and some teaching experience. In lieu of teaching experience, we would consider candidates who have a great passion for working with youth in an intense after-school environment. We put high demands on our children and we expect nothing short of excellence in our staff. MYO is NOT the place for a volunteer who is looking for an extended holiday and perhaps to do a little work on the side while visiting Southern Africa.

Working with children day in and day out is challenging and takes a great deal of commitment. However, for the volunteer teacher who takes on the challenge, you will likely learn more in a year with MYO than in any other single year of your life. We have excellent support resources and will provide the basic tools to make you a successful teacher, but enthusiasm and commitment are critical. Travel is easily fitted into our holiday periods – our past volunteers have easily managed to travel around Namibia and Southern Africa. Please note that we do not take short-term volunteers (for less than half a year) as so much energy and training is required.



Our volunteer teachers generally teach 4-5 afternoons a week and are also expected to work occasional weekends to support field trips, overnight sport contests, or other activities. Mornings are spent planning lessons, marking papers and generally supporting school activities.

Volunteer Teachers work directly for our Manager, but will also get additional training and support from our Board Members. For the enthusiastic volunteer that wants to work for the premier youth-development NGO operating in Namibia, this is a great opportunity to learn and grow and to use your education and passion to assist us in our mission of educating our children.

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Every Donation Helps

Mondesa Youth Opportunities is a registered trust in Namibia and an IRS 501(c)3 approved non-profit in the United States. MYO relies exclusively on donations from individuals or businesses to sustain our operations.

MYO operates extremely lean and with complete transparency. We post our P&L on this site and you will see that approximately 98% of our expenditures are spent right at our school on goods and services that directly serve our core mission. We do not reimburse overseas board members for trips and we do not pay for professional services out of donated funds except for our bookkeeping services in Namibia, which is a requirement to maintain our trust status in the country.

Please consider a recurring donation in a monthly amount that is sustainable so we can continue to offer our services to these disadvantaged youth who deserve the opportunities that only a quality basic education can provide.

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