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April 2019 Newsletter

This newsletter focuses on welcoming our new Grade 4 learners to MYO and helping them get adjusted. Enjoy!

Dorian Haarhoff Creative Workshop at MYO

Dorian Haarhoff, celebrated Namibian poet, storyteller and English educator, gave a workshop at MYO on the 5th of April. The workshop was with the Grade 7 and 8 classes; and was titled “Once Upon a Life: Writing Your Story.” During the workshop our students were told amazing stories that inspired them to be creative and… Read more

Little House of Hope Athletics Day

On the 30th of March, Little House of Hope had their fun and fantastic athletics day! The Dolphins competed against the Sharks, with the Sharks winning the event and the Dolphins winning the Team Spirit award. Parents and children had a wonderful time, with parents also participating in the final events. The athletics day included… Read more

Rotary Palm Tree Donation to MYO

  Rotary Club has been one of MYO’s biggest supporters throughout the years, as seen by their generous donations towards the MYO Library and MYO transport. At MYO we endeavour to teach our children to be good stewards of the environment. Litter is always picked up at MYO and we keep a clean and tidy… Read more

Minds In Action Robotics Demo

On the 22nd of February, Minds In Action came to MYO to teach our Grade 7, 8 and alumni group about robotics. The Minds In Action STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Program aims to offer Namibian students an opportunity to learn about robotics and how to apply this knowledge in their contexts. During the Demo, science and maths… Read more

January 2019 Newsletter

Please check out our latest newsletter, and as always, we hope you will consider joining us by becoming a sponsor.

MYO University Graduates

This space is dedicated to those MYO alumni who complete an advanced degree at University or Trade School. We greatly value all our alumni, but we do want to acknowledge those that find the means and motivation to continue their education. Sabtek Simane – University of Namibia – B.Sc Mechanical Engineering (Hon) Hilde Erastus – … Read more

December 2017 Newsletter

Check out the latest at MYO as we day goodbye to our grade 8 alumni’s. December 2017 Newsletter