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MYO University Graduates

This space is dedicated to those MYO alumni who complete an advanced degree at University or Trade School. We greatly value all our alumni, but we do want to acknowledge those that find the means and motivation to continue their education. Sabtek Simane – University of Namibia – B.Sc Mechanical Engineering (Hon) Hilde Erastus – … Read more

Sabtek Simeon

“I have a lot to say about how MYO as an organization and as a family, they were a catalyst in making my dream a reality……a lot!! In a short summary, I’d say THANK YOU to the founder, sponsors, management, every staff member and every single person who stepped through the MYO gates with the… Read more

Frieda Mukufa

I’ve never been ashamed of my beginning. And with all honesty, I would not be where I am if it were not for MYO. Endless opportunities provided by an exceptional number of teachers and mentors. I’m forever grateful and indebted. I’ve learned more values and morals from MYO teachers and mentors than I can ever… Read more